Leg Workout

-Leg press (shoulder width apart) 3×15

SS (superset)
-Step ups 3×15 each side
-Dead lifts 3×15

-Goblet squats 3×15
-Glute cable kick backs 3×15-20 each leg

-Hamstring leg curls 3×10 lower the weight + 10 more
-Calf raises

-Donkey kicks 3×30 each leg
-Fire Hydrant kicks 3×30 each leg




I’ve been mixing up my workouts a lot lately to keep from getting bored, and to ensure I don’t injury my knee. Sometimes when I get so focused on just increasing weight, I forget to keep an eye on my form. So some days I do focus on lifting heavy while maintaining proper form and other days I focus on doing a lot of reps with a moderate to low weight. Whats great about this is when I use lower weights, I try to superset everything (do two exercises back to back without rest) and this gets my heart rate up!! aka burning more calories!! Try it out!

Upper Body

Back & Bis

-Assisted Pull Ups

-Single arm dumbbell rows

-Reverse incline trap press (on bench)
-Cross Body single arm rows

-Seated bent over reverse flies
-Rotating bent over row

Superset/ Burnout
-Side bicep curls
-Front bicep curls
-Hammer Curls

I’m finally getting back to a regular gym split and i couldn’t be happier! I am seeing results which make me want to stick to my “healthy eating.” It’s amazing the results you can see in just a week when you stick to your plan! I encourage you to try this new back and biceps workout and let me know what you think! I haven’t been sore in a while from an upper body workout! The reason there aren’t many bicep focused moves is because your biceps are targeted in a lot of back workouts. You may not notice that while you are doing the beginning of the workout, but I guarantee you will when you get to that burn out 😉 ! Enjoy! IMG_1248.JPG

Upper Body

Arm Circuit Workout

Circuit 1: Repeat 3x
-Lying chest press
-Lying lat pull over
-Tricep extension

Circuit 2: Repeat 3x
-Upright rows
-Shoulder press
-Bicep Curls

Circuit 3: Repeat 3x
-Shoulder Side & Front raises
-Tricep Tricep Oberhead Extension
– Hammer Curls

-Cardio: 10 Minutes high incline on tredmill

Since I’ve been doing Orange Theory twice a week (I absolutely love it!), my gym routine has been thrown off a bit. I never know what to expect to workout in OT, but I know I will getting my cardio in! And with a knee issue, I try to be cautious with the cardio and lower body workouts. Lately, I am trying to get back into a gym routine and use OT as a supplement to these workouts. Since I don’t go to the gym everyday, I am trying to come up with a realistic split that I can manage, but won’t get bored of. So some days I use circuits and train full upper or lower body, and other days I focus on specific muscles more.
TIP: Don’t get so worked up sticking to a particular split. Just get used to getting active regularly and don’t neglect any muscle groups! Try to plan out your week of workouts in advance to make sure you target everything you want, while allowing certain muscle groups to get the rest they need in order to grow!