AM: 1.5 mile jog, stretch.
PM: Legs
-Warm up: 5 minute walk on tredmill to loosen up, stretch
Superset 1:
-Leg Press 5×20,15,15,12,12 (increase weight each set that reps change)
-Resistance Band kick backs 5×20
Superset 2:
-Dumbbell Dead lifts 4×15
-Bench Bulgarian Split squats 4×15 each leg
Superset 3:
-Dumbbell sumo squat with resistance band 5×20
– Resistance band side leg raises 5×10 each leg

This workout took me 45 minutes. I get bored and antsy when i’m at the gym to long because i’m a busy gal with lots to do! Thats why I try to split up my workouts now. Plus, that morning cardio gets my whole day set for better choices. When we move to Kansas we won’t have an apartment gym so we will need to get clever with our morning routine. Any ideas? I might have to get extra creative and come up with my own at home workouts!


Some days the abs exist, and some days they don’t. But i’m enjoying my workouts, some end of school parties, and trying to make all the food I have left in my apartment work for balanced meals. Right before this picture I ate some whole wheat breaded chicken nuggets! I don’t like restrictive diets. When I tell myself I can’t have or do something, thats what I crave. Finding that balance is what i’m all about. I haven’t been trying a bunch of new recipes lately because I am moving and trying to clean out my kitchen, but once I hit that new place, expect lots of new treats, meals, and snack ideas! (And hopefully more visible abs!)


CauliFlower Fried Rice


I love me some fried rice! But I don’t love the feeling of eating a bunch of Chinese food, entering a food coma, and then being starving about 1 hour later? Am I the only one who feels that way? I mean, don’t get me wrong, I will still eat Chinese food. In fact, its a family tradition that we order it every year Christmas day (since there isn’t much else open and no one feels like cooking! But on days where I want that flavor with a little less guilt, this is my new go to. Its so quick and easy to make, especially now that cauliflower rice is everywhere! Another amazing thing about this recipe is that you can pretty much throw whatever you want in it!!

-Cauliflower rice
-2 eggs
-Onion (finely diced)
-Green beans
-sliced Carrots
-Green Peas
-Braggs Amino – Soy Sauce flavor

-Start with the garlic and onion in the pan with some oil.
-Add the cauliflower, cover and let cook
-Add green beans and carrots
-Once all the above is soft enough/ preferred texture, add in green peas (you don’t want to add these too early since they are already really soft, and you don’t want them to get mushy.
-Create a “hole” in the middle of the pan by pushing everything to the edges. In a separate bowl, whisk the two eggs. Then pour the egg mix into the “hole” you created in the center of the pan. Let the eggs cook.
-Scramble the eggs and mix everything together.
-Spray with Braggs aminos – soy sauce flavor!

-I topped mine with some shrimp! 🙂





-Lateral Raise Drop Sets (4 x 10 Heavy, 10 medium, 10 light)
-Bent Over Lateral Rear Delt Fly (4 x 15)
-Unilateral Shoulder Press (4 x 10 Heavy, 10 medium, 10 light)
-Upright Rows on Cables (4 x 10 Heavy, 10 light)
-Side Shoulder Raise Machine (3 x 10 Heavy, 10 light)

-Ab Leg Raises (4×15)


I have been experimenting lately with some drop sets. I tend to get bored/ do less sets when I choose heavier weights. I have found that when I started to incorporate drop sets I really challenge myself and enjoy completing extra sets! I’ve also seen some progress in my shoulders! Double win. Give this workout a try 🙂

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Chocolate Chip Muffins

Well, if you haven’t figured out already, I like to make something to satisfy my sweet tooth each week. I typically plan out my meals Monday-Friday ahead of time to help make my grocery list and meal prep. I typically plan for 3-4 meals and 1-2 snacks. Some of the snacks I always have on hand, such as protein bars, some fruits, or nuts. This week I decided to make some muffins with my brown bananas! I love me some chocolate, and peanut butter, so why not make some protein, chocolate chip and peanut butter muffins!

I decided to be a little ambitious and utilize the apple cider vinegar I purchased, but keep finding excuses not to choke down. The best part is you can’t even taste it in these delicious muffins!!! I also used half the “dark” chocolate chips I typically use when I bake, and half cocoa nibs. I’m doing my best to keep it simple, keep it delicious, and keep it healthy! 😉


-2 brown bananas
-1 cup peanut butter
-1 scoop peanut butter protein (you can use vanilla, or other flavors if you’d like!)
-1 tsp baking powder
-2 eggs
-1 tbsp honey
-1 tsp apple cider vinegar

-Dark Chocolate Chips
-Cocoa Nibs

What to do:
-Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
-Place cupcake liners in muffin tray.
-Mash bananas in bowl.
-Add 1 cup peanut butter and stir until completed mixed with the banana.
-Add protein powder, apple cider vinegar, baking powder, honey, eggs and mix.
-Stir in optional ingredients: I used dark chocolate chips, cocoa nibs, walnuts, and some cinnamon.
-Fill each muffin cup about 3/4 full. (they will rise).
-Bake 12-15 minutes (every oven is a little different).


Butternut Squash Soup

Ok, I need to start by saying that I was not good about taking pictures when I made this recipe. I have only one picture, and it doesn’t do this soup justice, AT ALL! But i promise you will love this tasty, heart meal.

I have to squeeze in one last winter meal before the cold goes away (although I am so happy at the thought of warm days, every day!). This recipe was so good my family asked for some all the way from Florida! My good friend and Bret also loved it! (And it isn’t easy for Bret to say he enjoys eating veggies!)

– Butternut squash (I used two; cubed)
– Celery
– Carrots
– Red, green, and yellow pepper
– 1 onion
– Garlic
– Vegetable stock
– Salt
– Pepper

What you do:
-Preheat over to 400 degrees.
– Chop all vegetables
– Roast half the squash in the oven until golden brown.
-In a pan, saute the onion and garlic. Add all the chopped vegetables.
-Cover in vegetable stock, cover pan and simmer until tender.
-Once the squash in the oven is roasted, puree in blender. Add it to the pan and stir. This will give the soup a hearty thickness.
-Season with salt and pepper.

Enjoy 🙂

(Oh, and take a better picture than I did!!! ha)



Eat Pretty

It’s important to eat to fuel your body. I think it’s also important to enjoy what you eat! Luckily, I grew up loving fruits and veggies. But I also grew up with a huge sweet tooth and a fast metabolism. So it wasn’t until a few years ago that I actually had to pay attention to what I ate. I also developed some sort of digestion issue, that still hasn’t been figured out. So not only am I cautious about making sure I eat relatively “good food” of moderate portions, but also of what I actually put into my body.
I came across the book “Eat Pretty” about a year ago. I love learning about the benefits food can have not only for my insides, but also my outsides (Face, skin, etc)!  This is basically a nutrition and beauty book that both men and women can benefit from. I think knowing how good something is for you makes it all the more enjoyable! This nutrition information, as it extends to the cellular level definitely makes my bachelors in biology degree happy!

Here is a dinner I made recently, and the benefits of some of what’s included in it!
Ground beef (mixed with refried black beans) topped with green salsa, asparagus, tomatoes, and broccoli!

-Glutathione Booster: important for antiaging and powerful antioxidant (hello beauty!!) Increase energy and oxygen-carrying capacity of our blood; Our body’s level of glutathione decline with age so it is important to consume it!
-Contaion Iron (Folate)
-B vitamin: important for DNA synthesis and cell repair

-Contain anti-cancer nutrients lycopene and beta-carotene which defend the skin from UV damage that causes wrinkles, age spots, and lines. Cooking tomatoes actually increases lycopene absorption! As does drizzling olive oil!
-Anti-inflammatory and high in potassium which keep your electrolytes in balance for healthy circulation

-Excellent source of collagen-building, wrinkle preventing vitamin C
-Bone reinforcing calcium and potassium
-Vitamin K to strengthen blood capillaries and prevent dark circles and varicose veins
-Glucosinolates (photochemicals) that regulate detoxification (can increase after light steaming of these veggies)
-Indole-3-Carbinol (photochemical) that reduces the risk of estrogen-sensitive cancers
-Sulforaphane (photochemical) that aids in prevention of stress related inflammation!

This information is taken straight from the book, which you can find here. 😉  Check it out before your next grocery haul!



Workout Tip: Today’s leg workout did not disappoint! I starting wearing converse for leg day, and it’s true!: you do feel the burnnnnn! ((insert fire emoji)). Running shoes have a raised sole, as opposed to the flat sole of the converse. Wearing converse allows you to be closer to the ground, and thus you can exert more energy and push heavier weight. They are great to wear on days you do big power moves such as squats and dead lifts.

Today’s workout:
-Glute Pushdown on Assisted pull up machine
-Body weight squats
-Reverse Hack squat
-Good Mornings
-Weighted Step ups
-Static weighted lunges
-Side Step ups
-Resistance band lateral leg raises
-Side Single Leg, Leg Press
-Glute Kick backs
-Glute Bridges with resitance band