30 Minute Workout, Home Workout

Lower Body @ Home Workout

30 Minute @ Home Workout:
(This workout can be done without any of the equipment and still be effective!)

Warm Up: 10 minutes incline treadmill walk

Superset 1: Ankle weights & Bench
– Straight leg kick backs
-Fire Hydrant kicks
-Donkey Kicks

Superset 2: Resistance band
-Side Walks in a squat
-Hip thrusts on a bench

Superset 3: Ankle resistance straps
-Side Lunge
-Lateral Leg raise


I was having one of those days… Spent nearly 2 1/2 hours in the car commuting to and from rotation today, and it rained all day! I got home and was feeling nice and lazy. Since we just sold our couch, but aren’t moving for almost two months, we moved the spare mattress into our family room. Basically, our apartment looks like a college kid’s house or something– Who puts a mattress on the floor in the middle of an apartment? Ha! Needless to say, it became very appealing when I walked into the door after a long day. I gave in and laid down to mess around on my computer after I changed into my “gym clothes”. I wasn’t sure if I was putting the clothes on to actually workout or pretend I would.

Welp, I mustered up the courage to get up and get in a workout before dinner! (This blog is holding me accountable!) I didn’t feel like driving to the gym in the rain so I headed to the apartment gym. It’s funny how most of the time when I don’t even feel like working out, but drag myself to do so, I have some awesome workouts!! Though it doesn’t look like much, if you continue through each superset without rest and repeat 3 times through, you will work up quite a sweat in 30 minutes!

Top: Forever 21
Leggings: Forever 21
Shoes: Nike
Red Tumbler: Starbucks
Resistance Band: Amazon (set of four)
Ankle strap resistance band: Fit & Thick
Ankle weights: Target
(select the names to be taken to the link of the products)