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Protein Balls

Well, yesterday was, yet again, another one of those days were I wanted something peanut butter and chocolatey. I always see these cool looking protein balls as I scroll through pinterest, and thought it would be cool to try…. since i’ve pinned about 10 of those images. What’s great about these is you really can just use whatever you have lying around. You don’t need to follow an exact recipe. So I scrummaged through my kitchen and whipped these bad boys up. Per usual, I just kinda eye-balled each ingredient and didn’t want to make too many before I tried them. Well, the recipe made about 12 and I’m almost embarrassed to say there are none left! Finger-licking-good!!

-Peanut Butter (I also used some almond butter)
-Chocolate protein powder
-Chia Seeds
-Hemp seeds
-Steel cut oats
-Liquid Stevia

You can also add: nuts, chocolate chips, dried fruit, vanilla, you really can’t go wrong….

What to do:
-mix all ingredients in a bowl
-don’t add much liquid (if any) because you don’t want this to be run. In fact, you want to have to work to get all the powder and dry ingredients to stick together with the pb and honey as your “glue”
-Make 1 inch balls and place in a freezer tight container (I separated the levels with some parchment paper so they wouldn’t stick)
-Freeze & Enjoy !

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