AM: 1.5 mile jog, stretch.
PM: Legs
-Warm up: 5 minute walk on tredmill to loosen up, stretch
Superset 1:
-Leg Press 5×20,15,15,12,12 (increase weight each set that reps change)
-Resistance Band kick backs 5×20
Superset 2:
-Dumbbell Dead lifts 4×15
-Bench Bulgarian Split squats 4×15 each leg
Superset 3:
-Dumbbell sumo squat with resistance band 5×20
– Resistance band side leg raises 5×10 each leg

This workout took me 45 minutes. I get bored and antsy when i’m at the gym to long because i’m a busy gal with lots to do! Thats why I try to split up my workouts now. Plus, that morning cardio gets my whole day set for better choices. When we move to Kansas we won’t have an apartment gym so we will need to get clever with our morning routine. Any ideas? I might have to get extra creative and come up with my own at home workouts!


Some days the abs exist, and some days they don’t. But i’m enjoying my workouts, some end of school parties, and trying to make all the food I have left in my apartment work for balanced meals. Right before this picture I ate some whole wheat breaded chicken nuggets! I don’t like restrictive diets. When I tell myself I can’t have or do something, thats what I crave. Finding that balance is what i’m all about. I haven’t been trying a bunch of new recipes lately because I am moving and trying to clean out my kitchen, but once I hit that new place, expect lots of new treats, meals, and snack ideas! (And hopefully more visible abs!)

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