Leg Workout

-Leg press (shoulder width apart) 3×15

SS (superset)
-Step ups 3×15 each side
-Dead lifts 3×15

-Goblet squats 3×15
-Glute cable kick backs 3×15-20 each leg

-Hamstring leg curls 3×10 lower the weight + 10 more
-Calf raises

-Donkey kicks 3×30 each leg
-Fire Hydrant kicks 3×30 each leg




I’ve been mixing up my workouts a lot lately to keep from getting bored, and to ensure I don’t injury my knee. Sometimes when I get so focused on just increasing weight, I forget to keep an eye on my form. So some days I do focus on lifting heavy while maintaining proper form and other days I focus on doing a lot of reps with a moderate to low weight. Whats great about this is when I use lower weights, I try to superset everything (do two exercises back to back without rest) and this gets my heart rate up!! aka burning more calories!! Try it out!

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