Circuit 1:
-15 reps wide stance leg press
-12 each side, lunge with 25 lb plate each hand
-20 each side, resistance band side steps

Circuit 2:
-15 squats with barbell
-12 each side, squat twist to arm raise opp side
-24 elevated side squat jumps (on a platform)

Circuit 3:
-12 each side squat to leg kick back with resistance band
-12 each side, side lunge with band
-24 glute bridge on bosu/bench


This was another morning fasted workout. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to do it! Legs on an empty stomach?? But I actually woke up, before my alarm, and got to it! I’m so busy this week that I think it adds some extra motivation to get all my stuff done!! I don’t know about you, but the busier I am in life, the more productive I am. In undergrad I would take 6 classes a semester, work two jobs, was involved in many organizations (eboard) and played intramural sports for my sorority! It was always busy, but I was so productive each day! I guess I just had less time I could afford to waste!

When I started school in Chicago I told myself I would not be as busy, I wouldn’t get as involved and I would make sure to get ample rest. I have definitely done that. I have also gotten more lazy. I think part of that has to do with my hate for the cold. It makes me just want to snuggle up in bed and eat! Well as it gets warmer and I make new fitness and health goals, I am finally snapping out of that habit and getting my sh*t together! I’m back to my to do list making self and i’m feeling that excitement as I cross things off!!!

I encourage you to get up and get active, get up and get those things on your to do list done!! 😉

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