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Healthy Reeses

If you are at all like me, you probably always want something sweet after dinner. I have a huge sweet tooth and have played with ways to satisfy it while staying healthy. Bret is typically satisfied with just some dark chocolate – like 85-90%. That is a little too bitter for this girl. If i blindly dunk it some almond butter, I think it’s safe to bet that I usually eat more than planned. I decided to experiment with a recipe I have tried a few times– Healthy Reeses!


-Dark Chocolate
-Almond Butter
-Coconut Oil
-Liquid Stevia
-Mini Muffin tray pan (I used a silicone one)

-Melt some dark chocolate in a microwave safe bowl. Add Liquid stevia until desired taste is reached. Fill the bottom of each mini muffin slot with some dark chocolate.
-In a food processor, combine coconut oil and almond butter. Then place some on top of the chocolate in each muffin slot.
-Repeat first step, and place dark chocolate on top of the almond butter layer.
-Freeze until hardened.

-Optional: I added a dash of sea salt on top of the final chocolate layer. coconut flakes is another great option!

Healthy reeses

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