Food Reviews

Siete Foods

Who loves chips and salsa?? Better yet, who doesn’t!? LOL. In our quest to find healthy alternatives to food we love, Bret and I have tried a variety of “healthier” chips and crackers. Our newest find, and possibly our current favorite is Siete Foods.

These healthy chips come with quite a cute family story. I am a sucker for family stories. Coming from a Cuban family, this story reminded me of my siblings and parents. The Graza family, creators of Siete Food, has seven members (so does my family!). When one of their family members had to change her diet and life style due to a medical diagnosis, they all decided to make these changes together. Sounds like something my family would do 😉 The result: Abuela loved the grain free tortillas and their company was born!

So far, Bret and I have tried their Sea Salt and Lime chips. They did not disappoint! We placed them on an oven tray and baked them for a few minutes to get them a little warm and crispy! We enjoyed them with some salsa and guacamole! Before we knew it the bags were gone (not in one sitting). Maybe we should work on portion control as we really focus on eating healthier meals ;).

Verdict: We love these chips. You don’t even miss all the ingredients you probably can’t pronounce found in other chips. We will definitely be buying these again!

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